Tips for nervous learner drivers

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For some learner drivers, getting into the drivers seat can be exciting, for others the thought of it is enough to cause panic.

(1) Try some breathing and visualisation techniques.

Deep breathing exercises to relax your body can be used before and during your  driving lessons. Deep breath in counting to 5 slow breath out counting to 7 will help you to relax and keep your focus.

If you visualise the feeling of freedom you will have when you get your full driving licence, it will help you keep focused on the ultimate goal.

(2) Get to know the car you are using.

Sit in the car get to know where  the primary and secondary controls are. You should be able to put your hand or foot to the controls without having to  look away from your direction of travel. This will prevent panic when driving. You should lift the bonnet and know how to check oil, screen wash,coolant, brake fluid and where you put oil in the car. You should know how to examine your tyres for wear and tear, and how to check thread depth.

(3) Frequency of driving lessons.

When you take a driving lesson it is recommended that you do 3 hours practice between lessons to enhance your driving skills.

If you are getting driving lessons, only one lesson a week is not enough to achieve a high standard because you will spend the first 10 minutes of each lesson getting up to where you finished on the last lesson.

Increase the  amount of driving lessons to get a good natural flow on your driving.

(4) Pick the right driving instructor.

Check the R.S.A website and ensure your driving instructor is registered. Talk to the instructor on the phone before you make any decision. If someone is recommended that can be helpful. Remember you can change instructors if you are not happy.

(5) Mistakes happen to every learner driver.

There is a saying, “it’s not what happens its how you deal with it that matters”.

Common errors for learner drivers are stalling the car, getting beeped at for driving to slow and using wrong indicators. Poor positioning, poor progress and poor observations can happen any driver. The most important thing is to learn from each mistake and listen to your driving instructors advice.