How to use a Sat Nav safely

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A Sat Nav can help you plan your route to your destination. It is important to use it safely and do not allow it to become a distraction.

Mounting a removable Sat Nav in your car

Good places to mount the Sat Nav is in the lower right hand corner of the windscreen or near the dashboard vents. Do not mount in your direct line of sight and avoid mounting to low down so you have to look away.

Programming your destination

Ensure when you are planning your destination that you enter the correct  details. Its easy to make a mistake because several places may have the same name. When the Sat Nav. confirms the route double check that it looks the correct direction and distance.

Different routing options

If your sat-nav offers a choice of routing options its usually best to select the quickest as this will use faster roads where available. The shortest route may lead to narrow lanes and traffic issues that could make the journey time longer.

Voice Direction

Ensure you can hear the Sat Nav’s voice instructions clearly so you don’t have to look away from the road.

Obey Traffic signs.

Don’t follow the Sat Nav’s instructions blindly and ignore what you can see on front of you. Obey signs and the speed limit. If the route suggests an unsuitable road avoid it and go another way. If you need to plan a new destination or adjust your route stop somewhere safe to do so.

Sat Nav Use

Read all the instructions and use on a regular basis to become familiar with it. Some units are more accurate than others,so experiment with the settings until you are happy to trust the updates.

When not in use

Hide the unit out of sight. Hide the cable and suction cup. Wipe suction cup mark of window to avoid having your property stolen.